Gray Nicolls Ultimate Pro Helmet

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  • Factory fitted 360 faceguard.
  • Unparalleled jaw and ear protection.
  • Robust ABS outer shell.
  • Superior ventilation system.
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The Ultimate Pro helmet is the best in class product in its category if you prefer the choice of a detachable stem guard. While the Pro 360 has one built in, the Pro is compatible with the Gray-Nicolls detachable neck guard and can added or removed at your discretion.

The factory fitted faceguard gives you fantastic coverage at the front of the helmet, with robust attachment which is not possible to manually remove. Gray-Nicolls performs impressively in terms of field of vision compared to competitors, giving batsmen the best chance to see the ball.

Our ABS outer shell will deflect or absorb the impact of even the fastest bowlers – which is fantastically reassuring when you are in the heat of battle and the going get tough.

An enhanced ventilation system will help keep you cool even in the hottest conditions, allowing you to focus on your time at the crease – the most important thing of all!


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