Gray Nicolls Abdo Guard Pro Performance


  • Toughened ABS plastic for maximum protection
  • Sculptured design with padded edges

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The Gray-Nicolls Pro Performance Abdo Guard gives batsmen high-performance protection when they need it most. We know through playing the game that any impact on the groin area is very painful. The Pro Performance Abdo Guard serves to reduce this trauma as much as possible.

Made with toughened ABS plastic, the box offers maximum protection with brilliant lightweight performance. The sculptured design and padded edges fit comfortable in your jock strap or batting shorts, ensuring that by the time you get to the crease you’ll barely notice you are wearing a box.

We, of course, recommend everyone wear an abdo guard. Even the slowest medium pacer is liable to cause some amount of discomfort if they hit you. Make sure you are protected with the Pro Performance Abdo Guard.


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