Astro Bat 200 Snr


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Crafted with precision, this lightweight marvel boasts a mid-blade profile, catering to the needs of dynamic stroke-makers. Endorsed by Australia’s Marcus Stoinis and New Zealand sensation Daryl Mitchell, the Astro bat is a force to be reckoned with.

Featuring an intelligently designed profile for improved control, the Astro showcases an elongated spine that extends to the toe, accompanied by generous edges and subtle concaving. The bat’s true standout lies in its expansive mid-blade sweet spot, meticulously engineered to optimise weight distribution.

Embrace the spirit of the down under as you take to the crease this summer with the extraordinary Astro cricket bat. Discover the perfect fusion of power and finesse, now at your fingertips.



  • Bow: Straight Bow.
  • Profile: Mid Profile.
  • Face: Powercurve – Semi Rounded for increased profile and optimum ping.
  • Pick up: Feather Light Pick up.
  • Edges: Large edge to match the spine.
  • Toe: Rounded.
  • Handle: Semi Oval.
  • Grip: Superlink- Lightweight performance grip
  • Weight: 2lb7 – 2lb12oz
  • Finish: Pro Fibre Face cover



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